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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DIRECTORS-- Let's clear the air

X-Message-Number: 30266
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 17:20:58 -0800 (PST)
From: david pizer
Subject: Director's response to " Let's clear the air."

I took a couple of hours out of my Sunday to carefully
write what I thought were some very serious problems
in Alcor. I gave reasons why I felt that way. I was
careful not to specifically make any person insults.
I had hoped that the directors would read this and
respectfully consider them. They might think: Maybe
Pizer is right? Maybe there are some serious problems
at Alcor. Pizer offers some suggestions on how we can
fix things. He did save Alcor bacon when he moved us
to Arizona and got us the building we are in now. He
was right on a lot of other matters when we were
wrong. Should we consider these suggestions at the
next board meeting. Should we ask our other members
what they think. No. Director Mondragon did not do
any of these things, here is what he writes:

MONDRAGON'S REPLY to "Let's clear the air."
> While scanning this thread, the following statement
> caught my attention: "Alcor now has a serious
> competitor in CI...".
> Wow. Whoever wrote that should consider the
> magnificent career opportunities made temporarily
> available by the SWG strike as well as the national
> campaigns.
> Seriously though, I just don't understand why, if
> the lack of suffrage is truly at the heart of so
> much unhappiness, those Alcor members that feel that
> way don't just go sign up with CI and cast ballots
> to their heart's content.
> CM

In other words, Director Mondragon is telling every
Alcor suspension not to bring your complaints or
suggestions to the board. If you don't like the way
the directors are running Alcor, go join CI.

He couldn't talk to us like that if we had the power
to boot replace him at the next election. It is only
because they feel unaccountable to the membership,
that the directors can treat us like this.

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MY COMMENT (Philossifur-- who else eh?)
Note that Dave doesn't like Mondragon's response here-- and yet Dave was Mondragon's defender back before Saul Kent's "its time for a change". This current campaign by dave is "its time for change-- part II".

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