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Thursday, January 24, 2008

TANYA-- 00-- elect advisors

Tanya wrote

The Advisors as candidates for Board membership is a system that has worked pretty well for us in the past, and the directors seems unlikely to change the self-perpetuating nature of the Board itself. I'm not sure Dave's arguments are convincing me that a member-elected Board will do any better than the one we have at managing Alcor's strategic vision, so I'm reluctant to advocate one way or the other on that debate. Having the members more involved is, however, something I wish to see.

So why can't we revise the system into something that involves having the members alone elect the Alcor Advisors, and from that pool alone, the Board selects new members. It will allow the members to have a voice in the Board, and it will give the Board an opportunity to evaluate the guidance given.


MY COMMENT-- (philossifur's comment)-- WOW. This is an excellent suggestion-- ELECT the advisors!!! That would be a great first step!...

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