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Thursday, January 24, 2008

SURVEY-- Shannon Vyff's Poll-- 3 to 1 favor democracy

[+] This link will take you to Alcor United forum by James Conaway. James lives in Phoenix-- and attends EVERY Alcor board meeting. He calls his forum Alcor United to give the impression that Alcor members are united-- however this is a bit misleading-- because although members ARE united in common cause in terms of the mission of cryonics, they are NOT united in many important areas too. This forum tends to edit out the views that are not compatible with Conaways, and Brian Wowk's. Wowk is a frequent commentator on AU-- ALL of that aside-- Shannon Vyff has created a POLL to survey the response to Dave Pizer's call for democracy... 21 people responded with 75% in favor of democracy.

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