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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

QUESTIONS by DAVE-- answers by Philossifur

Questions: what is a blog?

A BLOG is short for WEB LOG-- we blog BLOG-- and was originally used my internet people to accumulate interesting web page visits. it's evolved into a diary of not just webpages but accounts or storylines of all types. It's more powerful than a discussion forum or newsgroup because the blogger has total control over headlines. All the bigtime journalists now have blogs. Blogs were recognized by Newsweek when Dan Rather got into trouble a few years ago. Suddenly, the mainstream media "decided" that "bloggers" were a formidable "force". As ANYONE these days if they have or read a blog and you're surely going to get a answer rather than a confused look.

What is an alphabetical blog?

I clicked on the site above and it opened up something
that looks like a webpage. I tried to sign in using a
pseudonym as you said to do and made up a password.
The screen said it was the wrong password. That's as
far as I got.

If you want lots of people to see this, why does it
say "invited guests only?"

I've now opened the blog to anyone... so now you can see it. An ALPHABETICAL blog uses an alphabetical INDEX of important words, just like in a book... any non-fiction book. Its far better than a SEARCH ENGINE because the reader can SCAN the index to find topics of interest to them at the moment-- INSTEAD of having to dream up keywords on his own-- OR-- having to chase you around the internet looking for your latest posts. In a sense it's like WRITING A BOOK-- an indexed book. Don't worry, Melody Maxim didn't "get it" either at first-- but start with looking through an INDEX of any book... then lok at the INDEX at the bottom of this blog. Here's an excerpt

CRYONET-- David Pizer messages (1)
CRYONICS-- Alcor-- democracy-- dictatorship model (1)
DEBATE-- invitation-- Alcor board (1)
DICTATORSHIP MODEL-- cream of crop argument (1)
DIRECTORS-- Let's clear the air (1)
QUESTIONS by DAVE-- answers by Philossifur (1)
TANYA-- vs. Dave's responses (1)

> I'm so convinced that this will help you in your
> mission-- DESPITE the fact that you have support
> now--
> anyway without it-- that I'm willing to start a
> separate ledger account today where I'll credit
> myself
> $10 a day to help maintain and build your Alcor
> Democracy page.

what does credit myself $10 a day mean?

It's a joke. In my estimation, I'm GIVING you a powerful tool for free. We can PRETEND you're being charged $10 a day for it's building and maintenance. I don't care if you pay me or not-- what I'm doing is DEMONSTRATING what I think YOU ought to do-- HOW you ought to present your case. You can't learn this overnight-- but over time-- I'm confident you will understand what a BLOG (web log) is and how powerful it can be. Eventually when you understand it better, you might be so thankful that you'll cover that $10 a day in arrears-- just because it will have been LIKE a service you would NORMALLY pay for up front... but since I'm such a nice guy-- I'm doing it pro bono. (I think that's the right term).

TO CIRCULATE THIS BLOG you can post a link to it on Cryonet, or Cold Filter or Alcor United. The people who moderate those forums really like us bloggers to do that sort of thing (ha ha). And when you use the word "cryonics" here-- espeically on the subject line, Google blogsearch will pick it up and many other readers will SEE your blog. The Cryonics Anti-defamation Committee that constantly attacks me will espeically enjoy that part of it. Little wave to them.... Basically Dave, wecome to Cyberspace-- Nice tv ads-- I just viewed them yesterday

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