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Thursday, March 27, 2008

00-- OVERVIEW-- 00-- Pizer and CPlatt have gone silent

What has happened here is that we've discovered that Alcor has already been illegally taken over by a rogue group-- that then proceeded to change the bylaws only last year to eliminate the original Director Electorate. Dave Pizer and Cplatt have gone silent on the issue. I've known for some time that there were two very different factions vying for control. The wrong group has won-- for now.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

FD-- 04-- reports board threw a bone to Pizer-- insufficient

[+] Sound like a class action law suit would be needed to force the issue. I doubt that will happen. Besides the finanicial system is crashing-- we have to get through the election cycle. I don't think Pizer is going to push harder. I think this will be this historical 3rd attept to look at this-- and fail again.

BYLAW APPROVAL?-- 01-- What's this??? Take a look

Hey, people-- take a look at what I just found... [+]. The board approved a REVISED set of bylaws in May 2007 almost a YEAR ago! They SAY the changes were "non-substantive". Hardee har har. Oxygen NURSE! please.

When God created Google, I'll bet humans didn't figure on this--> [+]

HEre's another interesting piece of Alcor bylaw history [+]... from 1984!


On Sunday, August 5th, the ALCOR Board of Directors voted
to adopt new bylaws. The new bylaws basically reflect major
changes in the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporations
Law which went into effect in 1980. The new bylaws are much
more comprehensive than our old ones (17 pages single-spaced
versus 6 pages double-spaced) and provide guidelines for basic
administration. One change of importance is that the new Bylaws
provide a detailed summary of our purpose for existence. We
would like to share those purposes with you:

MY COMMENT-- I don't have time and money to research this further. Dave Pizer does though, right Dave-- our Alcor Democacy leader-who-denies-being-a-leader?

In some fashion, it appears to me that Dave is "hanging back" a bit-- that he is intending to appear to be putting this on the plate but he's not pulling out all the stops-- and this is indicative to me of a certain type of "play" where you "co-opt" an issue in order to "control" the direction of it- to "neutralize" it.. so in effect Dave's posts have the effect of neutralizing the forward movement of the point... by "pretending" to be pushing on the envelope when in fact... he's hesitating--

What this calls for is a budget and a private investigator.... nobody can tell me that the guys who got their names and faces into the Wall St. Journal for perp trusts in cryonics in Jan 06 can't imagine hiring a PI to look into this in the way I did this morning in terms of a simple google search that found an Alcor bylaw history LITTERALLY LITTERED with bylaw CHANGES-- that Dave hasn't point to yet.

Man-- what's the hell's wrong with ME? Am I truly smarter than the entire 1000+ cryoncists put together? Damn!

It makes me want to return to using bad words... like Holy fucking shit!

TRIPPER MCCARTHY--04-- alternate system ignores bylaw


DAVE PIZER-- 01-- Reappears with open ultimatum letter to board

Pizer posts to Cryonet again suggesting Alcor board may be invalid-- however does not take a next step. Suggests that Alcor hire a lawyer to figure it out when in fact Dave could hire a lawyer to figure it out-- and subpeona certain people-- if it turns out that the board is not valid. The other step forward would be wider notification to members of the situation. As it is, it's beginning to look as if this will go nowhere-- Dave offerred no report on the recent board meeting-- so the next indications would be Alcor's blog report on that meeting. My personal view is that this problem is merely interesting at this point-- but I have more pressing concerns. It's probably true with other members too.

QUOTE from DAve on Cold Filter and Cryonet [+]

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March 5 2008 at 6:57 PM david pizer (Login davidpizer)
Veteran Member
To: The Alcor Board
To the Alcor members through various cryonics forums.

Here are the only important issues:

1. Which election system should be legally in place now?

2. What are the ramifications?

I will discuss each of these issues briefly and give my opinions about each subject below:

1. What system should be legally in place for electing Directors now at Alcor?

The way I read the Alcor Bylaws and the California law that regulates them, I believe that at the present time the only people who have the right to elect Alcor Directors are Alcor members. (I have given members and Directors previous specific information on this).

The Directors do not have the right to elect Directors according to the 1972 original Alcor Bylaws.

I believe these Bylaws are still in force today because I do not think they have every been legally amended. They have been amended but the California Corporation Code (Section 5150) seems to say that when Directors amend Bylaws that have to do with the voting rights of members, then the members have to approve those amended Bylaws. I don't see where the members have ever done this.

If all this is true, as I believe it is based on what I have read so far, then the amended Bylaws giving the Directors the right to elect Directors are not valid. Therefore all persons calling themselves Directors, who were elected by other Directors and not the membership, (I believe that it all of those who presently call themselves Directors) are NOT Directors.

I am not a lawyer. I am not an expert. This is the way I read the matter to be and for the balance of this work, I will go on the assumption that I have read the matter correctly. If I am wrong in this assumption then the rest of this work may also be incorrect.

2. The ramifications could be many. Questions that I worry about are:

a. Are the things the people who presently call themselves Directors are doing now in Alcor's name legal? If these people are not the legal Directors what is the status of all their actions?

b. Does their continuance to run Alcor, knowing they might not be the legally elected Directors, cause some liability for Alcor?

c. Does it cause some personal liability for them? Directors are often not held liable for their mistakes in running a corporation, but that may assume to only protect legally elected Directors?

What we have here seems like a complicated problem that involves Alcor members rights as set forth in the 1972 Bylaws that may still be in force today.

I would hope, and I request, that those calling themselves Alcor Directors would hire a legal expert to give an opinion on what the situation is and how it can be made right. I would hope that at the initial meeting, and all following meetings, with this expert, that representatives of the members and the Directors would both be present to give information to the expert who is going to give his/her opinion.

I can't see any other way this is going to get resolved. Also it seems that if it turns out that the present Directors are NOT legally elected, then they need to fix the problem before they take anymore actions in Alcor's name.


I am not saying that any particular Director is or is not a good Director or does or does not need to be replaced.

I certainly am NOT looking for any position of leadership in Alcor other then trying to get this problem fixed so that Alcor members can go back to having confidence that legally elected people are running Alcor.

This discussion is not about specific individuals. It is about the possibility that a mistake has been made that needs to be fixed before any other things are done in Alcor's name.

I request a reply from the Directors on this matter on what they intend to do about this. I have already requested this from the Directors with no response, so I am now including the members in this request.

Respectfully submitted to the members and the Board.

David Pizer


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

POLL-- Shannon-- Alcor members vs. Alcor board should vote for board

[+] this poll by shannon got 22 responses.

POLL-- triper-- term limits


POLL-- Tripper-- Do you agree with Alcor's goals

[+] This poll is a failure because only 2 responded-- but for some reason, in March 2008, Tripper and DAve have dropped this project.

FD-- 03-- Good concluding commentary misses bylaw and polls

I think FD has a good overview of what's going on. [+]. I don't know why he she misses the idea of polling that I introduced-- maybe becaues it's cedes a point to me-- and she doesn't want to draw attention to that-- FD misses the bylaw situation-- which is independet of whether 800 members want it adhered to or not. And the MOST silent people right now are Pizer, CPlatt and Chamberlain-- who are at the core of this right now. We don't have a cryonics membership publication, really-- other than Cryonet.

GATEKEEPERS-- 05-- Alan Sinclair

[+] Alan Sinclair exposes himself as a syncophant here. It's amazing how people tend to do that. At least if you're silent on the issue, only your hairdresser knows for sure. Anyway, Alan makes some strange comments--

Every day for many weeks there has been unrelenting complaints about Alcor

My comment-- No, not quite right, there Alan. Can the reader spot the fallacy?

I am sure by now there has been plenty of time to know how many of
the 870 plus and growing members are dissatisfied, could Numbers and names
be listed because I think it may well be very few.

My comment-- Alan, we haven't even started to spread the word-- at least from my angle.

I am now very satisfied
the way the staff and the board are running things, its the best its been in
the 22 years I have been involved with cryonics, I hope I am the majority
that thank everyone at Alcor for there dedication.

My comment-- Oh say can we see? By dawn's early light... What so proudly we hair, la lal ala lal aa [+]

Alan just goes on and on-- missing the point. The whole debate goes right over his head-- as if he's... as if he's-- stupid? But he can't be THAT stupid can he? Or can he? Maybe he can-- I don't know the guy. Oh well... stupid is as stupid gets. Here are Alan's half dozen other messages to Cryonet in 30 years or so. [+][+]

Alan is in the UK and I can't tell if he's Alcor or CI. I though he was CI, but I might be wrong.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GATEKEEPERS-- Joseph P. Morgan

Morgan wants me to stop using "silly" pseudonymns and be more postive. [+] Here's a picture of me being positive.... [+] [+]

Yeah well, there's Joe Morgan. Another gatekeeper. They just keep showing up don't they?

POLL-- Alcor-- Do you regard DPizer as leader of Alcor democracy push?


POLL-- Alcor-- Alcor bylawy discovery reaction


POLL-- Alcor-- Is Alcor board doing a good job?


POLL-- Alcor-- Should Alcor change their board election method to include membership votes?


FD-- 02-- Posts observation of silence to CryoNet

[+] FD asks if anyone has any suggestions in the face of silence. I have some but I'll just indicate what the next step would be, in my view... the Cryonics Industry Polling Association, CIPA. We get as many cryos as possible to participate in an ongoing series of polls. The polls would be topically organized-- alphabetically indexed as in this blog.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

COLD FILTER-- 03-- Slowdown continues.

I see FD appeared and made excusees for his non appearances on Cf-- which he hijakced and denied hijakcing-- which forum I inpired disppared cryo-non-cryo Hinek to create. Once again, in a boring sort of way, I'm right-- I was kicked out of CF by a conspiracy of hinek,-Cplatt-and FD-- and a motley crew of others-- sort of like the 10 Stooges-- for talking about zombies awhile back.

I know when things are not going well for a forum-- and right now-- they're not good on CF. Because I know how to keep things going in debate and conversations. Even with girls. Right now, I'm having a slow motion conversation with a 28 year old dental office worker who is not a candidate for me-- but who had the audacity to flirt with me-- in a friendly way-- and so I'm simply observing her longer term evoluation as it's convenient-- and she let me know that when she's engaged-- she'll let me know-- and even made the flirtatious remark of-- staying overnite-- when I said I'd come into visit the office even without an appointment. SHE took it the step further-- invoking the overnight idea. AMazing how woman's minds work. She's extremely pro-creative and 'dangerous" in this regard. Any male insect who steps onto her web-- is going to be wound tightly into her grip... but not me.. that's for sure. It's just fun to watch... I pity the poor sap who does. All girls want impregnation. They'll do ANYTHING to get that job done. ANYTHING. I've seen it all. It's a warzone out there. Men-- don your helmets.

DAVE PIZER-- 00-- Public disappearance.

Dave Pizer is an expert on matters of accumulating and protecting personal wealth-- but he's a novice in online communictions-- witness his abandoned blog at "reformalcor.org". [+]. After a whirlwind of leadership during Jan and Feb of 08, he has now disappeared into the infamous cryonics underground-- his last blog entry on his own blog/forum-maze-- created by his partner in this-- tripper-- was Feb. 2. [+]. I'm currently monitering all publicly available online and offline sources-- to watch for Dave-- to see where this is going. It's pretty serious, in my view. And in general, the cryonics writers-- be that as it may-- have all stopped publishing anything. I think they're scared. I think they should be, since Alcor's bylaws have been bypassed. That is not good for a 501c3 to do! It's correctable of course-- but if Alcor ever lost its 501c3 status-- THAT would be a big problem. So-- I 'll go into my HEURISTIC REASONING mode that led me to the conclusion that larouche is right, that 9/11 was an inside job-- and my own conlucions that the moon landings were hoax and that we're trapped inside the van allen belts-- and that Jesus was an ancient astronaut-- and simply watch cryonics as I have since 1978,.

Sidenote-- I pulled out Man into Superman-- I'm going through it again-- and will do a CRITICAL review on Ettinger very soon. Ettinger stole the title father of cryonics from Ev Cooper-- and refused to answer my question about who filed with the Library of Congress first. I'm also tracking the father of PRACTICAL CRYONICS who LIVES IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD-- who has ORIGINAL ARCHIVE FILES that are falling apart-- Ted Kraver. Witness NO weealthy c ryo has visited him like I have to try to rescue the historigraphic infomration he has= and digitize it.... EVEN after Kraver gave introductory remarks at a recent cryonics conferecne..

Also note-- big mouth Regina Food-is-my=name-- Pancake-- has diappeared into the toilet of Alcor... where the shit disappears down a whirlpool hole in the ground. Ross Perot's giant sucking sound applies to cryonics as well as free trade. Regina had the balls to ask me-- what I mean by "cryonics is a front for cryonics".... well, maybe she's learning the answer as a result of the diappearance of CRYONICS itself from the internet-- in terms of news... And people tell me I'm a nutty "conspiracy theorist"... I don't think so... i'm quite sane-- more sane than all other cryos put together.... It's like if you combine 1000 of their IQ's and match it against mine-- I would STILL come out on top--

So what is their fundamental problem? Well-- there are many angles on it-- but one good way to look at it is that cryonicists have defaulted in a major way on considering MACROcryonics-- which is the context-- or the FUTURE into which cryonics "fits".... and THEY say it's a secular future-- and I say it's a Christian or classical one... it's that simple. To that end, I'm thinking about creating a Roman Catholic Cryonics Saints program-- more on that soon. I'm also looking at Mormons. A mainline religion is going to "adopt" the cryonics thesis-- in a major way.... and THAT will be MY safeguard to ferret me through the time tunnel into the far future. I would not trust the secular cryos-- but those guys are all I have to work with at this point in time.

In the meantime, I'm monitering all media for any appearances of the leader-who-claims-he's-not-a-leader of the Alcor reform movement-- Dave Pizer-- who only recently changed his persona-puppet to David-- for some reason-- evoking the memory of David and Goliath perhaps? Dunno... Nicknames are telltale signs in my book.

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