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Thursday, March 6, 2008

BYLAW APPROVAL?-- 01-- What's this??? Take a look

Hey, people-- take a look at what I just found... [+]. The board approved a REVISED set of bylaws in May 2007 almost a YEAR ago! They SAY the changes were "non-substantive". Hardee har har. Oxygen NURSE! please.

When God created Google, I'll bet humans didn't figure on this--> [+]

HEre's another interesting piece of Alcor bylaw history [+]... from 1984!


On Sunday, August 5th, the ALCOR Board of Directors voted
to adopt new bylaws. The new bylaws basically reflect major
changes in the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporations
Law which went into effect in 1980. The new bylaws are much
more comprehensive than our old ones (17 pages single-spaced
versus 6 pages double-spaced) and provide guidelines for basic
administration. One change of importance is that the new Bylaws
provide a detailed summary of our purpose for existence. We
would like to share those purposes with you:

MY COMMENT-- I don't have time and money to research this further. Dave Pizer does though, right Dave-- our Alcor Democacy leader-who-denies-being-a-leader?

In some fashion, it appears to me that Dave is "hanging back" a bit-- that he is intending to appear to be putting this on the plate but he's not pulling out all the stops-- and this is indicative to me of a certain type of "play" where you "co-opt" an issue in order to "control" the direction of it- to "neutralize" it.. so in effect Dave's posts have the effect of neutralizing the forward movement of the point... by "pretending" to be pushing on the envelope when in fact... he's hesitating--

What this calls for is a budget and a private investigator.... nobody can tell me that the guys who got their names and faces into the Wall St. Journal for perp trusts in cryonics in Jan 06 can't imagine hiring a PI to look into this in the way I did this morning in terms of a simple google search that found an Alcor bylaw history LITTERALLY LITTERED with bylaw CHANGES-- that Dave hasn't point to yet.

Man-- what's the hell's wrong with ME? Am I truly smarter than the entire 1000+ cryoncists put together? Damn!

It makes me want to return to using bad words... like Holy fucking shit!

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