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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

GATEKEEPERS-- 05-- Alan Sinclair

[+] Alan Sinclair exposes himself as a syncophant here. It's amazing how people tend to do that. At least if you're silent on the issue, only your hairdresser knows for sure. Anyway, Alan makes some strange comments--

Every day for many weeks there has been unrelenting complaints about Alcor

My comment-- No, not quite right, there Alan. Can the reader spot the fallacy?

I am sure by now there has been plenty of time to know how many of
the 870 plus and growing members are dissatisfied, could Numbers and names
be listed because I think it may well be very few.

My comment-- Alan, we haven't even started to spread the word-- at least from my angle.

I am now very satisfied
the way the staff and the board are running things, its the best its been in
the 22 years I have been involved with cryonics, I hope I am the majority
that thank everyone at Alcor for there dedication.

My comment-- Oh say can we see? By dawn's early light... What so proudly we hair, la lal ala lal aa [+]

Alan just goes on and on-- missing the point. The whole debate goes right over his head-- as if he's... as if he's-- stupid? But he can't be THAT stupid can he? Or can he? Maybe he can-- I don't know the guy. Oh well... stupid is as stupid gets. Here are Alan's half dozen other messages to Cryonet in 30 years or so. [+][+]

Alan is in the UK and I can't tell if he's Alcor or CI. I though he was CI, but I might be wrong.

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