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Saturday, March 1, 2008

COLD FILTER-- 03-- Slowdown continues.

I see FD appeared and made excusees for his non appearances on Cf-- which he hijakced and denied hijakcing-- which forum I inpired disppared cryo-non-cryo Hinek to create. Once again, in a boring sort of way, I'm right-- I was kicked out of CF by a conspiracy of hinek,-Cplatt-and FD-- and a motley crew of others-- sort of like the 10 Stooges-- for talking about zombies awhile back.

I know when things are not going well for a forum-- and right now-- they're not good on CF. Because I know how to keep things going in debate and conversations. Even with girls. Right now, I'm having a slow motion conversation with a 28 year old dental office worker who is not a candidate for me-- but who had the audacity to flirt with me-- in a friendly way-- and so I'm simply observing her longer term evoluation as it's convenient-- and she let me know that when she's engaged-- she'll let me know-- and even made the flirtatious remark of-- staying overnite-- when I said I'd come into visit the office even without an appointment. SHE took it the step further-- invoking the overnight idea. AMazing how woman's minds work. She's extremely pro-creative and 'dangerous" in this regard. Any male insect who steps onto her web-- is going to be wound tightly into her grip... but not me.. that's for sure. It's just fun to watch... I pity the poor sap who does. All girls want impregnation. They'll do ANYTHING to get that job done. ANYTHING. I've seen it all. It's a warzone out there. Men-- don your helmets.

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