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Saturday, March 1, 2008

DAVE PIZER-- 00-- Public disappearance.

Dave Pizer is an expert on matters of accumulating and protecting personal wealth-- but he's a novice in online communictions-- witness his abandoned blog at "reformalcor.org". [+]. After a whirlwind of leadership during Jan and Feb of 08, he has now disappeared into the infamous cryonics underground-- his last blog entry on his own blog/forum-maze-- created by his partner in this-- tripper-- was Feb. 2. [+]. I'm currently monitering all publicly available online and offline sources-- to watch for Dave-- to see where this is going. It's pretty serious, in my view. And in general, the cryonics writers-- be that as it may-- have all stopped publishing anything. I think they're scared. I think they should be, since Alcor's bylaws have been bypassed. That is not good for a 501c3 to do! It's correctable of course-- but if Alcor ever lost its 501c3 status-- THAT would be a big problem. So-- I 'll go into my HEURISTIC REASONING mode that led me to the conclusion that larouche is right, that 9/11 was an inside job-- and my own conlucions that the moon landings were hoax and that we're trapped inside the van allen belts-- and that Jesus was an ancient astronaut-- and simply watch cryonics as I have since 1978,.

Sidenote-- I pulled out Man into Superman-- I'm going through it again-- and will do a CRITICAL review on Ettinger very soon. Ettinger stole the title father of cryonics from Ev Cooper-- and refused to answer my question about who filed with the Library of Congress first. I'm also tracking the father of PRACTICAL CRYONICS who LIVES IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD-- who has ORIGINAL ARCHIVE FILES that are falling apart-- Ted Kraver. Witness NO weealthy c ryo has visited him like I have to try to rescue the historigraphic infomration he has= and digitize it.... EVEN after Kraver gave introductory remarks at a recent cryonics conferecne..

Also note-- big mouth Regina Food-is-my=name-- Pancake-- has diappeared into the toilet of Alcor... where the shit disappears down a whirlpool hole in the ground. Ross Perot's giant sucking sound applies to cryonics as well as free trade. Regina had the balls to ask me-- what I mean by "cryonics is a front for cryonics".... well, maybe she's learning the answer as a result of the diappearance of CRYONICS itself from the internet-- in terms of news... And people tell me I'm a nutty "conspiracy theorist"... I don't think so... i'm quite sane-- more sane than all other cryos put together.... It's like if you combine 1000 of their IQ's and match it against mine-- I would STILL come out on top--

So what is their fundamental problem? Well-- there are many angles on it-- but one good way to look at it is that cryonicists have defaulted in a major way on considering MACROcryonics-- which is the context-- or the FUTURE into which cryonics "fits".... and THEY say it's a secular future-- and I say it's a Christian or classical one... it's that simple. To that end, I'm thinking about creating a Roman Catholic Cryonics Saints program-- more on that soon. I'm also looking at Mormons. A mainline religion is going to "adopt" the cryonics thesis-- in a major way.... and THAT will be MY safeguard to ferret me through the time tunnel into the far future. I would not trust the secular cryos-- but those guys are all I have to work with at this point in time.

In the meantime, I'm monitering all media for any appearances of the leader-who-claims-he's-not-a-leader of the Alcor reform movement-- Dave Pizer-- who only recently changed his persona-puppet to David-- for some reason-- evoking the memory of David and Goliath perhaps? Dunno... Nicknames are telltale signs in my book.

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