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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BYLAW CHANGE-- 04-- Alcor articles of incorporation

[+] Somehere in this is the specificaiton of the Director Electorate!

David Pizer (Login davidpizer)
Veteran Member
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I don't know how accurate the following info is since
the Board members now refuse to discuss or debate the
topic of changing the way Directors are elected at
Alcor with me. Below is what I think the situation is
and I welcome anyone who has any corrections to make.
I am not an authority on the history of Alcor, just a
concerned members who wants the very best for Alcor
just as all the rest of you also want.
By: David Pizer

It may be the case that Alcor members now have (and
always have had but didn't know it) the authority to
elect the Directors at Alcor, and the Directors do NOT
have the authority to elect the Directors. Read below
what members have found out (some of this has been
posted once already) and then what that might mean for
you as an Alcor member

Charles Platt said:

“Inspection of Alcor's original bylaws, filed with an
application for tax-exempt status in February 1972,
shows that the bylaws gave voting power to suitably
qualified members of the organization. The relevant
document is on Alcor's web site at

Article III states that there shall be 3 classes of
Alcor members:

--General Members, who have gone through the
application process and are paying their dues.

--Working Members, a subset of General Members, who
have requested and have received training in case
work, and have been approved in this role.

--Members of the Director Electorate, a subset of
Working Members, who acquire voting privileges when
they are nominated by existing Members of the Director
Electorate and receive a 2/3 majority vote during an
annual meeting (or by mail, if the Directors so wish).

So far as I can tell, these provisions endured for
more than a decade.

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