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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DIRECTOR ELECTORATE-- 04-- New line of reasoning by ME

Here's my latest line of thought-- which may or may not actually be valid-- but I suffer from many illusions-- that seem perfectly real to me-- as many cryos know. And I'm being sarcastic by the way-- because in TRUTH-- my idiot-logical positions DO hold water-- and weight-- despite having leaks.

Ok-- Here it is.

CPlatt's discovery of the original by law is earth shattering. Dave Pizer's taking it up as a "weaponized" configuration of his sudden (?) decision to make Alcor democracy a cause celebre has just occurred-- with his advice that Alcor have an attourney on hand at the next board meeting. This is the equivalent of Dave reading the Miranda rights to the existing board of directors at Alcor.

Ravin Jain, M.D.
Saul Kent
Ralph Merkle, Ph.D.
Carlos Mondragon
Michael Riskin, Ph.D., CPA, Chairman
Michael Seidl, Ph.D., JD
Stephen Van Sickle
Brian Wowk, Ph.D.

Source [+]

Wowk hangs out at the Conaway Alcor United forum-- mainly as a gatekeeper-- certainly not as an initiator of discussions. Van Sickle hangs there too. Riskin stopped posting anywhere a long time ago-- is the longest sitting board member-- and is Chairman of the Board. Carlos is an ex-president-- very astute guy-- quite amazing to watch him in action-- last time I saw him perform in board meetings was a few years ago during the Stump crisis-- Merkle-- indteresting guy because he's the guy who publicly asked-- at an Alcor conference-- who wants democracy?-- why would he ask that if he wasn't leaning in favor of it?-- Kent-- the Howard Hughes of cryonics-- dead silence there. And Ravin-- never met the guy.

Alcor was instituted with a Director Electorate-- Fred and Linda instituted Alcor-- Fred says there were not enough people in Alcor to make Director Electorate feasble-- leading to the idea that AT THE POINT WHERE IT DID BECOME FEASIBLE-- it SHOULD have been made to happen. INSTEAD-- we were led to believe that Alcor was INSITUTED as a self-electing board.

It's as if Fred and Linda-- who were kicked out of Alcor-- astonishingly to me-- have "come back to haunt" the current board. They live on-- IN THAT BYLAW-- IN the boardroom. Their control comes BACK TO LIVE!!! Like a monster-- to the current board.

It's kind of ironic, and funny.

It's like a trap door in the back of a computer program.

NOBODY including DAVE-- and especially Bridge and FD-- see it like I do-- they all SEE the original bylaw-- but they all call for a NEW view... as though this day-- in 2008-- needs to start fresh. This is UN-- true... or NON-true-- or..... "false" reasoning... "fraudulent" reasoning??? ... a LIE-- dare we say? It's tantamount to historiographial IGNORANCE-- a lack of depth of consiousness....

MY NEW LINE OF REASONING-- is that there has been a COVER UP-- a MAJOR default-- in the presidential line of leadership at ALCOR!!-- which snares everyone. The size of the conspiracy is so monstrous as to appear absolutely rediculous-- and yet... there it IS-- in PLAIN VIEW!!!!

Fred said Alcor was too small to make Director Electorate bylaw practical-- which LEADS to the idea that ONCE ALCOR REACHED A CRITICAL SIZE-- that that bylaw shoulld have been PRACTICAL at some point-- and when it WAS PRACTICAL-- it should have been GRANDFATHERED in-- or ACTIVATED-- or kicked into gear.

And here we are, assembled in time and space-- where the ORIGINAL intent of Alcor's operation-- is practical and HAS been practical for some years-- and it's TIME to KICK that provision into gear... we're only instituting what can NOW-- occur.

The 1980's situation where Mike refers to the biggest mistake he ever made-- which was deleting that bylaw-- or inactivating it-- was-- as Dave points out-- illegal-- that at that time-- that bylaw BECAME practical-- so it's incumbent upon us now to look at who the board members were at that time--

Alcor's site doesn't have a history of board members. It should. I can look it up in an old Alcor newsletter-- the small format ones-- Mike likely has a complete set in his archive.

Fred himself has said the ONLY REASON the DE was not activated fully was practicality implying that once it WAS practical-- that it SHOULD be instituted--

In the early 80's, it might have become practical on some level-- and Mike appears to have suppressed it along with the existing board at the time-- over-turning the original intended design.

My theory is that all we need to do is return to the original design. To do THAT, we need to nail down the PRECISE history-- exactly WHO was at the board meeting where the original bylaw was dumped? History is very interesting-- because with a properly functioning cognitive forebrain-- a cerebral cortex where we might grow new neurons still-- you can join together parts of history and make them simultanous in your minds eye. History becomes very close-up that way-- 20 years ago in 1988-- can appear as close as 5 minutes ago. I love to do that.... it's like TIME TRAVEL....

The people on Cold Filter who are resisting time travel-- are going against our own philosophy as cryonicists. Dredging up the past-- is like dredging a canal. You get this crap coming out-- like big gluey masses of algae, hidden under dark water. It's time to do some scuba diving...

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