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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GEORGE-- 00-- takes it too far--

George pretends that Alcor has acted illegally in self electing its board. [+] This is going too far because Fred already told CPlatt that the board elected itself in the early days due to Alcro being so small. The director electorate wasn't practical. So the tradition of a self-electing board was in place-- presumably until Alcor was big enough-- which seemed to be in 1985 and in 1994 when this issue was raised... although it hasn't been seen yet if the original bylaws were referred to in those debates in those years. What we'd be looking for NOW is a third major round of debate to look at the problem-- with DEFINITE referene to the original bylaw-- and consultation from Fred on this. I'd like see the Director Electorate instituted NOW-- given that it IS practical now. THAT's enough of a legal battle without getting into George's retro-battle... Is George even signed up with Alcor?

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