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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GATEKEEPERS-- 02-- Wowk-VanSickle do NOT respond to Pizer on AU

[+] Watch Wowk and VanSickle NOT respond to Dave's substantial post-- and then respond to somewhat shallow posts from newbies. This is better than Lewis Black. I'm sure you've seen Conrad Black-- here he is talking about Creationism. [+]

"These people are crazy... stone cold fucking nuts.... evolution is a thread in larger thread I call... REALITY!!!!."

So, with that quote-- I think that, I, as an Alcor member-- can LEGITIMATELY politely request that Wowk and VanSickle respond to Dave's post in AU-- THIS WEEK-- BOTH of them are board members... BOTH of them use AU-- as what I regard as a thought-control area.... in cooperation with Conaway-- who ATTENDS every board meeting and who lives in the area-- without telling his AU readers that--

There's no way to be polite about this... as Lewis Black says.

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