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Sunday, February 24, 2008

KEITH HENSON-- 03-- KH defends self-electing process based on DoraKent crisis

[+] KH argues that because only the Alcor self-elected board at the time knew what to do in the Dora Kent crises, and that a board elected otherwise-- presumably by the Bylaw-Enabled Director Electorate-- that therefore the self-elected board is still the way to work today and in the future. In other words, the idea of the self-elected board proved itself in that crisis. I would argue that a Director-Electorate board would have pre-empted that crisis in the first place-- so that it would not have occurred-- and that that would be the case today and in the future.

Keith asks straightfowardly- what board members should be replaced, pretending that the debate is about that-- that's its personal-- which it is not-- it's about the original alcor bylaw and membership partipication as built into the process by the founding fathers of Alcor, Fred and Linda Chamberlain. Despite that however, I'll name Saul Kent to be replaced-- since he's the one who caused the dicey Dora Kent incident-- and who facilitated the 1994 split-- and who today leads SA Inc into direct comptetition with Alcor for the services of Alcor's own members and therefore represents a conflict of interest with Alcor. But again, that's beside the point-- it's just that KH begged for it. So there's my answer.

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