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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

KEITH HENSON-- 01-- Henson didn't know about original bylaw

Here's an excerpt from the blog at reformalcor.org--

On a more general note, what's going on here is an
attempt to change the political structure of Alcor
rather than trying to fix the problems.

DAVID'S REPLY: There is no way to fix the problems
until we change the political structure. The Board
runs Alcor and they are responsible for the few good
things and the problems. The Board runs Alcor and
they are accountable to no one. All other things
being equal, a company that holds the managers
accountable will do a much better job then a company
where the managers account to no one.
Source [+]

My comment--

Keith Henson has been around cryonics and Alcor for a long time-- and referred to "changing the political structure of Alcor" as what Dave was trying to do. Now, since the discovery of the Director Electorate in the original bylaws, it appears that what happened was that there was a change made AWAY from the original bylaw-- which needs to be fully investigated. Keith was 100% wrong-- and has not yet re-appeared to acknowledge that he was 100% wrong.

He owes Dave an updated answer. It could as simple as "wow! I did not know that".

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