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Thursday, February 21, 2008

DISAPPEARING CRYONICISTS-- 01-- Cold Filter virtually abandoned.

It's now Thursday-- Feb. 21-- and there have been only 3 postings to CF-- by Pizer, FD and George. Posting has stopped on Cryonet except for a few continuing inanities-- and my posts-- which speak to the heart of the issue occurring right now-- which might be frightening some high level cryonics insiders.

The next step here is to inform the entire broad base of all cryos about the bylaw issue. Dave's blog URL should be snail mailed or emailed to everyone who listted themselves in the Alcor book-- No cryonics publication including Alcor's publications can be trusted at this point-- other than the rogue ones, like mine and Pizers.

The tension is ratcheted up a notch for every day of relative silence. It's like there's an unexploded grenade in the middle of the cryonics collective online cyberroom-- an information grenade-- People are likely emailing in private email groups-- I'm waiting for the first indications of what's going on. CPlatt should be doing daily updates at this point-- on what he sees from where he sits.

The self-electing board turns out to have been a sham in a way. Now we're going to asking-- why was this sham defended? AT this time, investigative reporting skills, private investigation skills and internet skills come together. As well, immediate notification should go out to all Alcor members-- in any way we can muster a list-- about this tense situation. This is as big an organization crisis as I've ever seen in cryonics... since I began tracking it in 1978.

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