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Saturday, February 23, 2008

SILENCE-- 01-- Contined silence make internet obsolete

There are likely daily exchanges between some Alcor members on the matter of the history of the Director Electorate-- and daily discoveries by indepened researchers. And yet there is public silence on the "internets". (I like that misspeak by Bush-- it's so corny-- it displays a lack of understanding of what the internet is).

So here we have the greatest communications tool in history-- and what do cryonicists do? Go underground. Great. The idea that Alcor and cryonics in general needed to stay quiet or moderate the public exposure of internal debate was misguided. Somehow that idea got started several years ago-- maybe more than that-- and cryonics became far less interesting due to that. I would contend that by debating online, we would attract attention by smart people who would then get interested in cryonics.

A free society needs to be constantly worked at-- as they say, freedom isn't free. Use it or lose it. Right now, the increasing fascistic tendency in the USA is increasting-- as it does from time to time in the history of civilizations. Cryonicists really need to study history FAST- and see the upcoming election as a power grab by corporatist fascists like Schwarzenegger, Rohatyn, Schultz, Brzezinksi and OBAMA who is part of that crowd. Anyone, like Janet Napolitano, who goes along with Obama is either an agent or a dupe-- and the people lower on the political food chain-- will recognize this soon and their hero is exposed for the underground anti-patriot that he is.

The EXISTENCE of the USA and of the concept of a nation state who highest mission is the general welfare of the citizens-- as opposed to the power of an oligarchy-- which is what Napolitano is going along with (she's participating in PPP's-- public private partnerships-- which sell PUBLIC highways to private corporations -- basically theft-- GRAND theft-- a crime-- that will be reversed in Supreme Court-- with testimony provided by people from the Larouche organization which has deeper and more powerful roots in the world than people think)--

Cryonicists silence on the concerns of the world in which cryonics resides demonsttates FEAR and IGNORANCE-- as well as in some cases, COMPLICITY-- with Fascism. As well, there is a go along to get along mentality-- A lot of cryos think cryonics can survive a police state-- as long as you along wth it. These type of cryonicits represent a particular faction that I'm not part of... because I understand history. The ultimate goal of people like Prince charles and Al Gore is to REDUCE the population of the Earth to less than a billion.

For more on this, read all the back issues of EIR-- here---> [+] Espeically Mark Plus-- who is currently a buffoon when it comes to history-- who thought at one time that Americans were satiated with progress and that there is such a thing as progress fatique. This is false. What Mark fails to address is the British Empire-- which takes the form of the internatoinal financier oligarichy based in the City of London and the Cayman Islands.. where Huckabee mysteriously gave a speech recently.... Becaues the CAymen islands is where the hedge funds can operated unregulated... hedge funds are basically BETS-- huge billion dollar bets on national currencies...

Cryonicists silence on world affairs as well as on the issue of Alcor democracy-- indicates that cryonicists are effectively lobotimzed mentally ill patients in a psych ward who have NO IDEA how to get to the future-- which is what cryonics is SUPPOSED to be about.... to GET there, we need the new nuclear power plants-- see General Atomics in San Diego for an example of a good company... Most cryonicists reject FDR-- not KNOWING what FDR represented....

The MAINSTREAM of advanced civilizatoin ACTUALLY resides in the Lyndon LArouche organization which has deep roots both in the current world and in history. It represents the universe in a truthful way. The CHARLATANS and their SYNCOPHANTS are represented today by EVERYTHING you see on TV and a LOT of the papers, the RADIO and magazine-- These SEEM like varied sources but they ALL take marching orders from corporate controllers... EVEN bookstores like Barnes and Nobles take these marching orders-- We're already living in a George Orwell 1984 world in 2008-- and didn't realize it.

I'm publishing this on Blogger, owned by Google which the CIA has an apparent hand in. How long will this be allowed? Who owns Larouches' website? My outlook is that THEY --- the empire will STRIKE BACK and shut the net down-- like they did in IRAN and the middle east a few weeks ago-- UNDERRPORETED here-- they CUT undersea cables!!!!

The truth exists. The truth is out there. Let's all reorient oursevles to the truth-- and save civilziation and cryonics! Speak up. Invisibility is not equiivalent to inVINCIbility-- Dave Pizer said he's not "the leader" of the effort to democritize alcor-- so let CPlatt lead it then. if he doesn't, I will.

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