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Friday, February 22, 2008

REFORM ALCOR.org-- 03-- Legalities of changing Alcor's board

Here's a good thread where Dave Pizer, FD and Kennita Watson are in coversation-- about changing Alcor's board. [+] I missed this one earlier because there are too many places on the ReformAlcor site to look. That thread is not being updated to accomodate the new discovery of the Director Electorate. This is typical of those types of forums. The only solution is an alphabetical blog, like this one. The online areas to check for this debate are.... in order of importance...

Dave's blog (see bottom of this page)
This blog (mine)
Dave's forums (look for the posts with lots of responses)
Cold Fitler
Alcor United.
Imminst.org (wowk hangs there)

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