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Sunday, February 24, 2008

STEVE BRIDGE-- 00-- Intense research on the matter of self-electing boards

[+] Steve Bridge, ex-Alcor president, has done some intense research on the matter of how boards are selected-- and the overall curvature of his input here-- is to imply that we're better off-- with a self-electing board-- even though he tries to couch his comment in a neutral tone and stance.

Steve, in my view, is very good at using his "civil tone" and his "friendly" angle-- to lead people down his path-- away from the PRIMARY contentious issue-- in this case-- the Alcor bylaw that calls for a Director electorate that was originally overridden purely for practical reasons-- at the very start of Alcor-- but which was then debated in 1986, and over-ridden by Mike Darwin at that time-- and then debated again in 1997-- and over-ridden yet again-- and is being debated again NOW-- and is tending to be over-ridden again. There are people who I think simply do NOT LIKE that original bylaw by ex-alcor president and ex-alcor meber, Alcro FOUNDER Fred Chamberlain.

STeve's entire approach to this is to lead the Cold Filter reader to believe that all of this has something to do with how common or how legitimate self-electing boards are-- but this is NOT the issue. That's interesting and only APPEARS relevent to the itinerant reader-- but the central issue-- the point of contention is the thorn in the side of the current situation-defenders-- which is the provision for the Director Electorate in the original byalws as instituted in the State of California. Steve makes no refernce to this-- and therefore his post should be considered as a sort of propaganda piece-- with the INTENTION to cover up the true-- and very awesome and potentially explosive reality.

I've been asked to write nice and talk nice-- but there is NO nice way to put these things. What we're seeing here is nothing LESS than a cover-up... But at least Steve made another post about this issue, leaving me to index it-- since his post would not be findable a year from now if I didn't. Writing nice and being nice-- at the expense of truth, the whole truth-- and nothing but the truth-- is superfluous. I'd much rather see rougher language if it were approximating the truth better. Social faux pas are nothing compared to the psychological manipulation that goes on when the whole truth about something, in context, is denied. Steve Bridge, if he is to be wholly truthful, must investigate NOT the percentage of self-electing boards, but rather the background of the original bylaw providing for the Director Electorate.

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