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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FRED-- 01-- Waiting to hear more from Fred on this.

Fred Chamberlain appears to have spoken to CPlatt recently, as reported by CPlatt in Cold Filter. Fred told CPlatt that the Director Electorate was not practical in the first era of Alcor-- and I understand that explanation. However, it now behooves Fred to comment on the later eras-- with respect to the original intent.

It now appears, according to a post by SBridge in ColdFilter that there was a debate about this in 1985 that predates email/internet-- so we're going to have to get Mike Perry to dig up the archives of the minutes. Mike? Someone call Mike Perry on that.
The second round of debate about this seems to have occrred around 1997-- Bridge referred to that too. We can look at that in Cryonet.

It may very well be that CPlatt is in dicussion with Fred at this time-- since Platt prefers phone for interviews-- and only reports results once he has fact checked everything. He doesn't like posting without fact checking-- which is understandable. My style leans more toward open speculation on a blog. Like this.

In any case, I'll be waiting to hear from Fred through Charles very soon-- and you should be too.

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