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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GATEKEEPERS-- 01-- Keith Henson's view tended to avoid the original bylaw

I can't help it-- I see problems in how people are presenting themselves-- and I simply can't avoid pinning them on it. For example, Henson got involved in a Cold Filter thread-- on voting at Alcor-- which predates CPlatt's disocvery of the original Bylaw-- that provided for a Director Electorate-- and Henson has been around awhile- yet Henson did NOT point to the original bylaw-- and instead referred to "change" of bylaws-- in a critical way. As it turns out, there is no change needed-- there is simply a situation here where Alcor has been BIG enough for a long time-- so that we can now RE-ACTIVATE the original intended method of Director Electorate!

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