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Thursday, February 28, 2008

TRIPPER MCCARTHY-- 03-- Alcor mysteries vs. bylaw

Tripper seems to be the technical support guy behind Pizer, but Tripper himself has much to say about Alcor. He's articutling concerns I've had. Tripper wonders why nobody has called Alcor on these problems. I know why. Because the media we use hasn't allowed it. Witness this periodical indexed blog. This is the way to write online so that lines of thoughts are not lost.

Tripper is a main guy-- with Dave-- behind the Alcor democracy idea-- and the main point there at this time-- involves the mystery of the original bylaw calling for a Director Electorate. Nobody has come right out and made that the centerpiece of collective research and comentary-- although I'm trying.

My feeling is that Tripper and DAve are in more private communication in an email group-- but not reporting to the outer world-- which is where I like to be-- in more ways than one-- I don't like to be privy to private emails-- I like to be out the OUTSIDE where I can see what pops up publicly so that I'm ALWAYS free to comment without hesitation or having to burden myself with what is confidential and what isn't.

I also have the feelign that the discovery of the Electorate was a surprise. And that it's very dangerous-- and that people are trying to backpeddle and hide that.... Tripper included. The truth is that the original bylaw needs to be publicly discussed-- and possibly adhereed to. Dave himself raised the posstibility that all boards since that bylaw was not followed have been illegal. That's strong language-- But DAve hasn't followed up on it... at least publicly.

Personally, I don't care if the board elects itself for the next 10 years-- but at the same time-- we should all participate in an ongoing investigation about the real history of the byalwa so that we can work toward it's implementation at a practical time in the future-- just as Fred said. Fred founded Alcor-- so he would agree with me on this. I don't need private email to confirm that-- just a good ability to reason.

Tripper needs an alphabetical blog llike this one. he's got lots to say, but it gets lost. His reform alcor forum is too "busy" and has not alphabetcial index like a book. Books were invetned a long time ago-- and many have indexes to help readers find stuff. Surely tripper hasn't tripped so much that he can't see that. Heres's his post at CF [+]

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