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Friday, February 22, 2008

LEADERSHIP-- 01-- Dave denies leadership

I just found this on Dave Pizer's blog--

I am not *the* leader in this new political battle.
You can go to the website at www.reformalcor.org and
see the growing list of people who want reforms and
improvements at Alcor who have come out so far. Read
the blogs and forums and the area where people post
under "support." These are some of the people who
have been brave enough to take the first step for
themselves and for all of us.
Source [+]

My comment--

Human beings are still operating based on leaders and followers-- which is not neccessarily a bad thing. Dave thinks the "growing list" of people who want democracy at Alcor distributes his leadership on this. Not for me, it doesn't. Dave's the man. The point man-- in a dangerous new fight at Alcor.

Why are people afraid of controvesy and fights? There's nothing to fear when you're right. I know that more than most people because when I push a point, I ALWAYS make sure I'm right-- FIRST. If you're RIGHT, there's no reason to fear fights and leadership. It's a cosmological principle-- you're in fact CORRECTING the universe. What is to FEAR is allowing others to proceed in OPPOSITION to the TRUTH. Now THAT is scary.

In Alcor's case, we just had a breakthrough in discovery of the original bylaws-- and people who ought NOT fear appearing on forums in public right now-- like Fred and Mike Darwin and CPlatt-- and other board members-- have disappeared... out of fear?

Dave denies a leadership role in this. That's plain silly in my view. He started this round of -- shall we say "conversation"-- or "debate" and he was quite adamant about it-- I wasn't too interested at first because my thinking revolved aroudn the idea that Alcor has ALWAYS had a self-electing board...

THEN when CPlatt discovered Fred insitituted Alcor with a Director Electorate-- THAT changed EVERYTHING for me. Now-- Dave is on a bucking horse-- like rodeo rider... and he's a leader whether he likes it or not. As I said, there is a cosmological universal principle in human leadership. Dave walked into the "slot" or the "vacancy" in the universe on this-- one thing led to another-- and now-- there he is-- on top of this issue that has a history-- going back to Fred-- who ironicallly was dumped by Alcor for what was tantamount to management of funds at alcor regarding Cells4Life--

Fred was able to talk to CPlatt- who is not keeping us informed-- through a blog-- or on Cryonet right now-- but just becaues people aren't talking publicly doesn't mean they're not talking privately... I haven't heard anything new-- over the past day or two--

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