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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

COLD FILTER-- FD-- 00-- once again, takes the wrong route

FD pretends that this can be done without a legal fight. [+]-- as though legal fights are bad. Legal fights are good. They clear the air. In this case, we are now faced with no choice in legal fighting. FD's idea that the board will give in and open up to democracy is nieve-- it confirms my suspicioun that this is a girl.

FD is wrong to think that this is going to proceed via a fresh start. This will not proceed by fresh start. This will proceed from the ByLaw that referred to the Director Electorate. It involves history. FD doesn't like history-- FD doens't even like American history-- Fd has shown indications of being treasonous in attitude-- I basically don't LIKE FD-- Hope I never meet him or her-- FD is not signed up... and I would even suggest everyone abandon CF-- because neither FD nor Hinek are signed up.

FD is misleading when she states that there might be a way through this with no legal fight-- and she's misleading when she suggests that we can start fresh. She's wrong on all counts.

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